April Ryan: White House officials texted me 'Mission accomplished!' after Omarosa was fired
Omarosa Manigault and April Ryan (Wikimedia Commons / Instagram @adr1600)

American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan told CNN on Wednesday that sources within the White House texted her triumphant messages like "Mission accomplished!" when former "The Apprentice" contestant turned White House aide Omarosa Manigault was fired Tuesday night.

Ryan said that contrary to her public statements, Manigault did not resign, but was fired -- at which point, she flew into a rage and was escorted from the building by White House chief of staff John Kelly and was "shouting profanities" the entire time.

"Gen. Kelly was upset with a multiplicity of things," Ryan explained. "It was not just one thing, I am told. When I got the word this morning, my text messages were flying at me left and right this morning as I woke up and one high-ranking Republican who text messaged me said that he got word from somebody in the White House who said, 'Mission accomplished!'"

It wasn't just Kelly who was eager to see the former reality TV contestant ousted, Ryan said, "She did not have warm feelings with everyone there."

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