Bat-wielding racist caught screaming about ISIS in viral video outed as rich lawyer from influential family
Bat-wielding racist Mark Phillips caught in viral video (left), and his LinkedIn profile picture (right).

Just a week after video of a man threatening a non-Muslim man with a bat and calling him "ISIS" went viral, the bat-wielding Islamophobe's identity has been revealed -- and his dad is pissed.

As the Canadian Broadcasting Company reported, the man shown in the video (recorded by the subject of his ire) is named Mark Phillips, and he's a personal injury lawyer in a Ontario, Canada.

He's also the great-grandson of Nathan Phillips, Toronto's first Jewish mayor who was known as "the mayor of all the people" commemorated in Nathan Phillips Square outside of Toronto City Hall.

"His father is very upset," the lawyer's uncle, Jeff Phillips, said. "I'm not involved with him."

Phillips, who works as a personal injury lawyer in Toronto and lives in London, Ontario, was charged with aggravated assault and three other counts of assault after cracking the ribs of Colombian-Canadian Sergio Estepa.

Check out video of Phillips' mistaking a Latino family for Muslim and attacking them below.