Bush ethics czar hammers GOP Congress for letting Kushner stay in White House after Flynn exposes him
Richard Painter, former ethics lawyer to George W. Bush (Photo: Screen capture)

Former George W. Bush administration chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter blasted the Republican Congress Saturday morning on CNN for not pressing President Trump to relieve his son-in-law Jared Kushner of all White House duties.

Addressing the revelation that Kushner was behind former national security adviser Micheal Flynn's call to the Russians to ease their fears about sanctions, Richard Painter harshly criticized Trump and the enabling Republican Congress.

"If it's testified that Kushner directed him to make contact with the Russians, he did say that, with everything that's happened to Kushner up to this point, Richard, why does he still have this interim security clearance?" host Christi Paul asked.

"Well, because the president wants to let him have it," Painter bluntly stated. "And the president just wants to do things his way. No other president would let him have it. He's no expert on national security and security clearances ...and the evidence is clear that Jared Kushner is not to be trusted and iI don't even know why he's even in the White House, much less has a security clearance."

"But that's the president's job to make that decision, and he's making the decision his way," he continued. "If Congress doesn't do their job and remove the president or tell the president of the United States to shape up or ship out, well, the president is going to do it his own way and let Jared Kushner have a clearance in the White House."

Watch the video below via CNN: