CNN's Blackwell shuts down interview after Trump booster says Mueller should be investigating Hillary too
Andre Bauer, Victor Blackwell, Robert Zimmerman -- screenshot

CNN host Victor Blackwell called a halt to interview with Donald Trump supporter Andre Bauer when the South Carolina Republican claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump transition team should include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Appearing with Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman, Bauer was asked about the plea deal former national security adviser Mike Flynn worked out with Mueller, and said it looked very bad for the former Trump administration official.

"What's your degree of concern after this guilty plea from Flynn?" Bauer was asked by the CNN host.

"Well, I don't want to just dismiss it and stay there's no concern," Bauer replied. "I mean, evidently there was some reason he took the plea. Whether it was something to do with his son -- I don't know the specifics but I wouldn't dismiss it and say there's no concern."

"I want to see this pass. I want to see the country move on, but I also want to go on and say there's contacts that I saw from Hillary Clinton in the campaign that ought to be addressed if we open this up," he continued as Zimmerman rolled his eyes."But as an American, I'd rather see it put to bed and move forward."

"But if we open it up," he continued as Blackwell sought to cut in, "It should be wide open on both sides. Who had contact and what they did to influence the election and how that changed the election that we experienced last year. I think everyone wants to know everything that happened. Almost like in the Nixon era, where it's just better to move forward."

"The Nixon era ended with a resignation, that's how they moved forward." Blackwell reminded Bauer.

"It's better to get the facts than to try to spin this about Hillary Clinton," Zimmerman asserted, only to have Bauer blurt, "Well, if I got a half million dollars speaking fee for a few minutes --."

"All right," a laughing Blackwell said before shutting down the interview.

Watch the video below via CNN: