CNN's Kirsten Powers blasts GOP's 'really low standard': 'Does he have to be a rapist?'
USA Today Columnist Kirsten Powers (Photo: Screen capture)

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers noted that the decision by the Democrats in the senate to push for the resignation of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) had nothing to do with politics. Rather, the women are acting out of a sense of duty to the women who helped get them elected.

During an appearance on CNN's Don Lemon, Powers wondered how low the standards must go before Republican's finally put principles over partisanship.

"Are we really saying this isn't a big deal?" she asked. "Does he have to be a rapist? Does he have to be -- I mean, I don't understand. Does he have to be masturbating in front of people? Is this now our standard? I really think the Democratic senators, and I urge people read what [Sen.] Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said about this, watch the press conference, I think they got right. You don't have these gradations of 'Oh, he only grabbed a woman and groped her. Then we'll give ya a pass.'"

She continued, noting that the Democratic Party has consistently been the party who supports women and women's rights.

"So, even to have Al Franken pointed to Republicans like hold me to the low, low standard that Donald Trump gets held to," she said. "Well guess what, the Republicans have a really low standard and the Democrats are ahead of the Republicans on this and they need to be pulling them with them. Not going down to their level."

Watch the full commentary below: