Ex-Breitbarter calls out GOP hypocrisy on Moore: 'They're so concerned with children' -- but not molesters
Kurt Bardella (HLN)

A former Breitbart News spokesman called out Republican hypocrites backing Roy Moore's Senate run -- which caused him to leave the GOP altogether.

Kurt Bardella, a former Republican congressional staffer, announced last week that he had become a Democrat over GOP support for Moore, who has been accused of molesting teenage girls.

"I love how they're so concerned with children, and yet when there's a guy molesting and preying on children at a mall in Alabama, they want to put him in the United States Senate," Bardella told Headline News.

He said Republicans were cowardly to hide behind the voters of Alabama instead of calling on Moore to drop out.

"It’s a cop-out," Bardella said, "it's a very convenient line to use when you don’t want to talk about specific allegations, when you don’t want to defend what his behavior has been to say, 'Well, I'm not going to weigh on that, let's let the people of Alabama decide.'"

He compared their laissez-faire attitude to Moore's candidacy with Republican views on personal morality.

"It's interesting because, when it comes to policy making, when it comes to telling people what they should or shouldn't do with their bodies, what bathrooms they should use, who they should love, all of a sudden it becomes much broader -- it's not about what people believe, it's about what type of ideology they want to impose on individuals," Bardella said. "There's a huge inconsistency."