Ex-RNC head Steele eviscerates 'sanctimonious' GOP for backing accused pedophile Roy Moore
Ex-RNC head Michael Steele (Photo: Screenshot)

Appearing with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele unleashed a furious attack on the party he once headed, calling them "sanctimonious" frauds for falling in line and backing accused pedophile Roy Moore for Alabama's U.S. Senate seat.

According to Wallace, who served as a GOP consultant before landing her job at MSNBC, "The president today made it official endorsing Roy Moore, and it's worth reminding our audience that Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct with multiple teenaged girls."

"Michael Steele where are we?" a distressed Wallace asked. "What is happening?"

"I wish Republicans would find something of a backbone or any other anatomy part to allow them to say the right thing," Steele began. "It will be a dear price to pay for the party next year because women and men around the country are looking at this going, 'I cannot believe that you value the vote of a pedophile over leading this country, over protecting women.'"

Steele was just warming and grew agitated as he described what the GOP has become since he stepped down from the RNC.

"This political party, which has stood on the moral high ground for lo these 30-plus years and sanctimoniously telling people how to live their lives, what they should do and shouldn't do, sanctimoniously judging people because are where they live -- now they can sit back and say, 'We want people to decide what they want to do.' Really? This is it?" he said with disgust.

"We used to be part of that party, and how did it come to this?" Wallace asked. "I agree with you. All of those trespasses led to this. Being in women's uteruses, telling people who to marry and who to love and what to do in the bedrooms put us on this corrupt path. How did we get here?"

"Because over a period of time we've ignored the base," Steele explained. "When they were saying, 'You promised A, B and the C' --we didn't do it  and leadership didn't do it."

"That was a cauldron boiling and then the leadership decided to get down with the money, get down with the deals, with different relationships that took us on a pathway that here we are now," he continued. "We saw that when the president came down that escalator, stood before the American people and called out the Mexican-American community talking about rapists and whatnot."

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