Explosion reported near NYC port authority bus station
Soldiers outside of Port Authority (Photo: Defense.gov)

Emergency personnel are responding to an explosion Monday morning in a Manhattan transit hub, local news is reporting.

There has been “some type of explosion," police reported. No injuries have been reported so far but one person has been detained by police. Multiple ambulances have been dispatched to the scene and the subway was evacuated. The New York Post is reporting multiple injuries. It is unclear if those injuries were do to the explosion or the rush to get out.

“There was a stampede up the stairs to get out,” Diego Fernandez, one of the commuters at Port Authority, told Reuters. “Everybody was scared and running and shouting.”

Many trains are now bypassing Times Square and Port Authority the MTA reported. The New York governor's office confirmed that there was a device but the NYPD would only confirm a device. A “possible second device” was also detained in the subway tunnel.

A CNN reporter told Chris Cuomo live on air that there was no smoke and the area was evacuated in an orderly fashion. CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reported that police explained they believe it was a kind of pipe bomb and that it exploded prematurely and unintentionally before it reached the target location.

The Port Authority is a transit hub for New Jersey commuters and is mere blocks away from Times Square.