Fox News' Laura Ingraham laments that #MeToo movement is 'killing all the fun' of Christmas parties
Radio host Laura Ingraham at CPAC

As the nation faces a massive cultural shift and woman across the country come forward with their stories of rape, harassment and abuse, Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham worries that the real victims are going to be "this season's Christmas parties." reported that Ingraham believes that a heightened awareness of the dynamics of sexual assault and harassment is going to take all the "fun" out of the season.

“Is the #MeToo movement becoming a spoiler for this season’s Christmas parties?” Ingraham asked comedian Jimmy Failla.

Citing some companies' decision to limit alcohol consumption at professional gatherings, Ingraham said, “I can see this year it might be — a little less festive, let’s say that. No alcohol and no fun and no lampshades and, I don’t know, maybe that’s better.”

“Is this just killing all the fun of Christmas?” she demanded.

"The segment would be wholly inappropriate on any network, but it’s especially galling given Fox News’ own sordid history with workplace sexual harassment," wrote Caroline Orr. "Several of the most prominent men employed by Fox News have been forced out in the past two years over allegations of workplace sexual assault and harassment, including founder and former CEO Roger Ailes, along with hosts Bill O’Reilly and Eric Boiling."

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