GOP state rep who committed suicide after molestation charges left a note calling allegations 'fake news'
Dan Johnson sings at Heart of Fire Church (screen grab)

A Kentucky state legislator has committed suicide just a day after announcing he wouldn't resign over allegations that he molested a teen girl in a church where he was pastor.

As Louisville's WDRB reports, state Rep. Dan Johnson shot himself on a bridge in Ft. Washington, KY Wednesday after posting a jumbled suicide note on Facebook.

"The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be," Johnson wrote around 5 PM Wednesday. "AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news."

Johnson was under investigation for allegations that he molested a 17-year-old girl on New Year's Eve 2012.

"The alleged victim, who was 17 at the time, told authorities that she was staying in a living area of the Heart of Fire City Church where Johnson was pastor, when Johnson, who had been drinking a lot, approached her, kissed her and fondled her under her clothes," WDRB noted.