'He's a felon!': Watch Dem Rep. Denny Heck get in Erin Burnett's face for soft-pedaling Flynn's deal with Mueller
CNN's Erin Burnett, Rep. Denny Heck -- screenshot

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) lost his patience with CNN's Erin Burnett during a discussion on the plead deal that former national security adviser Micheal Flynn worked out with special counsel Robert Mueller when she the charges were "not that bad."

With the topic turning to Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, Heck was asked by the CNN host what he expected to see happen next.

"Well the thing I'd really like to see happen to Jared Kushner is that he get back before the House Select Committee on Intelligence because I'd like to ask follow up questions," Heck began before turning back to Flynn. "The fact of the matter is that way back in March when we asked General Flynn to come before the intelligence community, he asked for immunity and it was denied. At the time, his lawyer said he's got a story to tell and he really wants to tell it, now he's in a position to tell it."

"Do you have any indication from him as to whether he will do that in light of his cooperation with Bob Mueller?" Burnett asked.

"Sure, I think it's written all over the plea bargain deal! If you were to drive down 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue tonight about 3:00 AM you'd probably see a lot of lights on," he quipped.

"How much farther do you think this goes?" Burnett pressed. "There are some who say 'Look, we're almost at the end, that the biggest charge they have on Flynn is lying to the FBI about a call to the Russian ambassador that we already knew he lied about.' That's not that bad."

Heck immediately jumped on Burnett, barking: "Wait a minute! It's a felony. He's a felon and it is punishable by up to five years in jail!"

"Please don't say it's not that big a deal," he scolded. "He is now an admitted felon," to which a stunned Burnett simply stated, "Yes."

Watch the video below via CNN: