'Law and Order' producer on 'appalling' Trump nominee: If he watched our show he'd know those answers
Matthew Spencer Petersen -- screenshot

An executive producer from the hit series "Law and Order" wrote in to The New York Times to land a sick burn on President Donald Trump's clueless judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen.

A portion of Petersen's confirmation hearing has gone viral, in which Republican Sen. John Kennedy (LA) found that Petersen was incapable of defining a few painfully simple legal terms.

William F. Fordes, a former writer for "Law and Order" -- which ran for 20 seasons on NBC and spawned a number of spin-off shows -- called it "inexcusable in this day and age" that Petersen should be so incapable of answering basic law questions, "whatever the limitations of Mr. Petersen's legal schooling and past experience."

"Law and Order" has been off the air for a number of years, but Fordes said, "it is in almost constant syndicated rerun."

"Had Mr. Petersen watched even a few episodes, he almost certainly would have known what a motion "in limine" is, and what the various abstention doctrines are. Shame on Mr. Petersen for not having attended the universal law school of the airwaves that was 'Law and Order.'"