'Lot of crap coming from your side': CNN's Cuomo hammers Trump apologist's efforts to discredit the FBI
CNN's Chris Cuomo debates former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo (Screen cap).

Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo on Monday tried to attack both the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Donald Trump as being tainted by politics -- but he was quickly shut down by CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Caputo began his discussion with Cuomo by saying that Mueller's investigation into Trump's campaign is now "off the rails," although he cautioned Trump against firing Mueller, as that would leave him completely isolated politically.

Even so, Caputo said that Mueller's investigation looks increasingly "dodgy" because of anti-Trump text messages sent by Peter Strzok, an FBI investigator who was removed from Mueller's probe earlier this year.

Cuomo then went on to hammer Caputo over President Trump's allies on Fox News, who over the last weekend said that Mueller's investigation into Trump was akin to a coup.

Caputo responded by saying that this was just how politics is played and that you can't expect the president and his allies to sit on their hands as more damaging information gets uncovered.

"You don't have to undermine the FBI," Cuomo countered. "You don't have to tell people they're like the KGB. It's a lot of crap coming from people on your side of the fence. You don't want to undermine the FBI, do you?"

Watch the video below.