'Nonsense on its face': Conservative gets shut down hard for saying attacks on Mueller have merit
Dana Milbanks and Sarah Westwood on MSNBC (Screen capture)

A writer for the conservative Washington Times got shut down by The Washington Post's Dana Milbank on MSNBC Saturday after she said that there is "an element of truth" to the right-wing attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and his objectivity.

The Examiner's Sarah Westwood cleaved to the right-wing canard that because an investigator hired by Mueller's investigation once sent a text message critical of President Donald Trump, then the investigation must be tainted.

"This could be a meaningless revelation, but because there's an element of truth behind this line of attack, it is an effective one and Republicans are seizing on it," Westwood said.

"I don't even think there's an element of truth here," said Milbank, pointing at the James Comey, Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are all Republicans. "So let's keep that in perspective."

He pointed out that Comey "came out a week before the election and said he was re-opening the email investigation. It is very hard to argue that had he not done that the election would have turned out the way it did because it was by such a close margin, so that's sort of nonsense on its face."

Watch the video, embedded below: