Racist neighbor sends N-word-laced threats to woman for ‘hurting property values’ with Black Lives Matter sign
Latoya Johnson -- screengrab

A Bakersfield woman was the recipient of a threatening letter loaded with racial slurs from a racist neighbor because she has a Black Lives Matter sign in her front yard.

According to the anonymous correspondent, her sign hurts "the area's property values."

Speaking with KBAK, Latoya Johnson explained that she received the abusive letter just days after setting up the sign.

According to Johnson, the letter was loaded with N-words and contained the threat: "We are asking nicely but one time only."

"Why is my freedom of speech making you upset, that's my right as an American to have my own freedom of speech, but if it's not harming anyone or myself why is that a problem," said Johnson, who stated that she has referred the matter to the local police.

According to the woman, she has no intention of taking the sign down, saying, "I just want everyone to be equal and that's what it's all about."