Republican commentator slams Trump for ignoring Russian interference intel because it 'hurts his little feelings'
Tara Setmayer and Jack Kingston (photo: Screen capture)

Tara Setmayer, a conservative ABC commentator and former communications director to "Putin's favorite congressman" Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump over revelations from a Washington Post report that claimed he is "affronted" when people bring Russia up around him.

"I worked for a member who also was on the [House] Foreign Affairs Committee, and so we saw a lot of cyber security issues "asymmetric warfare."

"It would be naive to think that Russia wouldn't be involved in a similar strategy to attack the United States," she continued.

Nevertheless, Setmayer said it's scary that President Trump is "in denial" about Russia's election interference, which has been documented in other countries for decades, "because it hurts his little feelings."

In an comment to Raw Story after the appearance, Setmayer noted that Rohrabacher’s cozy relationship with Putin occured after her tenure in his office.

"I was never on board fully with Rohrabacher’s position on Russia but I understood his attempt to have warmer relations with them in order to help fight Islamic terrorism in that part of the world," she wrote. "However, in recent years he’s gone too far and I don’t support it at all. And I’ve told him so."

Pro-Trump Republican Jack Kingston interjected that her statement was "disrespectful," but she held her ground, saying that even Trump surrogate Mike Shields gave a heartier condemnation of Russia than the president earlier in the segment.

Watch the former aide to a congressman who was once given a code name by Kremlin spies blast Trump for not ignoring that he'd been compromised below, via CNN.