WATCH: Don Lemon quickly shuts down Trump surrogate trying to spin 'fake news' live on his show
Don Lemon vs. Mike Shields (Photo: Screen captures)

Don Lemon has put a stop to President Donald Trump's surrogates spouting debunked stories and conspiracy theories on his show.

CNN has begun their ad campaign explaining that someone can call an apple a banana as much as they want, but that doesn't mean it will suddenly become one. Since then, Lemon and other hosts have begun shutting down conservative pundits who given inaccurate information. Lemon has done so with former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), a frequent and incessent offender, as well as talk-radio host Ben Ferguson.

Thursday, Lemon did it once again when political commentator Mike Shields tried to claim that Trump's "frustration" about not being able to get involved in investigations was about Hillary Clinton's debunked uranium deal.

"Mike, not only did you dodge the question, you held out a shiny object that has been disproven over, and over, and over again about uranium," Lemon said. "You should not bring up talking point or conspiracy theories that have not been proven and that have just been debunked. You do yourself and the candidate and the viewing public a disservice when you do that."

Shields tried to cut in saying that he would love to have a whole conversation about Hillary Clinton's debunked uranium deal.

"We could, we could," Lemon cut in again. "I could read you every fact check, and talk to you about CFIUS and the nine different departments in the government that had to sign off and Hillary Clinton not being involved, I could talk to you about the person who supposedly had ownership of Uranium One, that had sold it even before the deal went through, but none of that matters. That's not what we're talking about. Evan, can you please answer the question that I gave to Mike before."

Lemon then refused to allow Shields to speak for the remainder of the segment.

Watch the exchange below: