Sean Hannity instantly faceplants after accusing NBC News of ignoring Clinton conspiracy theory
Sean Hannity (Fox News)

Sean Hannity challenged NBC News to "read and learn" about the Uranium One deal he claims the network won't cover -- by linking to an NBC News report about the Uranium One deal.

The Fox News host has been hyping claims that Hillary Clinton should be investigated or even prosecuted in connection with a 2010 transaction approved by the Obama administration involving Russia's state atomic energy company.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to ask FBI agents to explain the evidence uncovered in a now-dormant criminal investigation of the Uranium One deal, which went through while Clinton was secretary of state.

"Hey fake news @CNN and conspiracy tv @NBCNews read and learn," Hannity jeered on his Twitter account.

The story Hannity linked to, however, was reported by NBC News and posted on the network's website.

CNN has not yet reported on Sessions reviving the investigation, but both networks have covered the investigation and Republican efforts to accuse Clinton of wrongdoing.

Clinton has denied playing any role in the State Department approving the sale, and the State Department official who signed off has said the former Cabinet secretary did not intervene.