'Stab mommy again': Woman testifies boyfriend beat her and made her toddler son stab her with steak knife
Crying toddler child holds her mouth (Shutterstock)

An Idaho man allegedly convinced his girlfriend's toddler son to stab the mother in the stomach with a steak knife while he was beating her.

In testimony last week, the 29-year-old woman explained that Thanksgiving Day turned into a nightmare when 36-year-old David Gifford got drunk and began beating her, according to The Times-News.

The woman said that while Gifford was punching, kicking and strangling her, he ordered her toddler son to retrieve a knife from the kitchen.

"He told my son to go grab a knife," she recalled, adding that Gifford admonished the boy for getting a butter knife instead of a "sharp one."

The woman then remembered Gifford grabbing two steak knives and handing one of them to the toddler.

She said Gifford held her down while telling the boy to stab her in the stomach, but her son did not muster enough force to break the skin.

"Stab mommy again," she recalled Gifford telling her son.

"One was pushing into me and the other was quick jabs," the woman remembered.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Blaine Cannon said that she found the victim's testimony to be credible enough to uphold felony charges against Gifford. His arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 23.