Trump's Jerusalem embassy move has fueled #RaptureAnxiety as evangelicals claim the end times are near
President Donald Trump and a mushroom cloud (composite image)

Doomsday evangelicals have long believed the world was on the edge of apocalypse, but recent events surrounding President Donald Trump seem to lead many to believe the rapture -- or saving of true Christians just before Armageddon -- will soon be upon us.

As Vox reports, these supposed apocalypse signs -- the president's decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the "smear campaign" against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore -- have triggered memories in people raised evangelical. Many have found community with the #RaptureAnxiety hashtag, which highlights the fear surrounding the rapture that they experienced as children. Those fears were often rooted in being "left behind" after family members where taken up to heaven.

"If you have experienced or still experience rapture anxiety, it may be acting up with the #JerusalemEmbassy news," ex-evangelical writer Christopher Stroop tweeted over the weekend.

Soon, people began sharing their stories.

"I had nightmares about the rapture. I was a child. Despite saying the sinners prayer at 4, getting baptized at 6, I constantly worried that I would be left behind," Twitter user M Livingston wrote. "Once we got a dog, I wondered, 'When the rapture happens, who will take care of my dog? He'll starve to death in the house alone.' My parents told me looters would break in during the aftermath, so he'd be ok. God would make sure of it."

Writer D.L. Mayfield claimed she didn't plan on going to college, because she thought she'd be raptured before she was 16 years old.

This is far from the first time that evangelicals said they had "evidence" of the impending Armageddon. Podcast host Mason Mennenga said her youth pastor told her and their Sunday school class that the Iraq War and natural disasters signaled the End Times, but told they were "told to not fear but rejoice for Jesus was coming soon."

"Needless to say that did not subdue my fear," Mennenga tweeted.

Check out some of the best #RaptureAnxiety tweets below.