Unemployed man forced to pay Muslim security guard after shouting that he was 'taking our jobs'
Angry man (Shuttershock)

A court ruled that a man who hurled racist abuse at a Muslim security guard shortly after losing his job must compensate the man he accused of "taking our jobs."

As LincolnshireLive reports, 19-year-old Gareth Gwyther screamed at Kashif Hussain, a security guard at the Isaac Newton Centre in Grantham, England, who informed him the bike he was watching violated the shopping center's policies.

"You come into our country and take our jobs and you speak to me like I'm a piece of s**t," Gwyther yelled at Hussain. The unemployed 19-year-old admitted that he did "get in the face" of the security guard, but that he hadn't intended to be racist.

"He said he had recently lost his job and this was the tipping point," prosecutor Marie Stace told the court presiding over Gwyther's case. "He saw red and it was out of character."

Gwyther admitted to "racially aggravated public order," a British hate crime conviction, earlier in December, and was compelled to pay Hussain 50 pounds, as well as more than 200 pounds in court costs and fines.