Utah editor shreds Orrin Hatch for ‘kowtowing’ to Trump: Literally anyone else 'would be less embarrassing’
Salt Lake Tribune editor George Pyle (Screen cap).

George Pyle, an editor at the Salt Lake Tribune who helped write a blistering editorial this week attacking Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), defended his newspaper on Wednesday during an interview with MSNBC's Hallie Jackson.

Via Mediaite, Pyle laid out his case against Utah's senior senator by asserting that Hatch hasn't used his considerable influence to fix problems that he has repeatedly promised to fix.

"He ran saying 'Look, I’m the influential guy in the Senate, you don’t want to lose my power, two of the things I will do with my power are CHIP and DACA," explained Pyle. "He did neither."

Given that Hatch has been representing Utah in the Senate now for the past 40 years, Pyle says that it's time to give someone else the chance to become its senator.

"There’s no particular reason to believe he deserves another six years to do those things," Pyle said. "Anybody who would replace him from the middle of the Republican Party would probably vote the same way, but would be less in a position of having gone back on his word, and would probably be rather less embarrassing in the way he’s kowtowing to the president."

Pyle also defended his paper's editorial slamming Hatch for having an "unquenchable thirst for power," and he said that Hatch at this point "thinks the seat belongs to him rather than the people of Utah."

Watch the video below.