WATCH: CNN host left speechless as ex-Fox News analyst breaks her confidentiality agreement and exposes Rupert Murdoch
Tamara Holder on CNN

CNN media expert Brian Stelter was left with little to say Sunday morning after a former Fox News personality used media mogul Rupert Murdoch's comments about her to break her confidentiality agreement and blow the lid off of the pervasive atmosphere of sexual assault at the conservative news outlet.

Appearing on CNN's Reliable Sources, legal analyst Tamara Holder said since she was pushed out at Fox for reporting sexual assault she has been unable to find another media job and that she is not alone among other women who were forced out at the network.

"Fox News ruined people's lives," an impassioned Holder explained. "He [Murdoch] ruined my life. I don't have a job in TV anymore because the place that he has secured down like Fort Knox allowed abusive predators to work. That is not nonsense, this is people's lives. He said it wasn't just Roger Ailes. Well, we don't need to name names, we know it wasn't just Roger. He said 'nothing more since then' -- that's a lie. We also know that Bill O'Reilly paid $30 million plus to somebody and, of course, they rehired him after that."

"He says there are cases that amounted to flirting," she continued. "Let me be clear. I had a man pull out his penis in his office and shove my head on it. That was not flirting. -- that was criminal. That was not sexual harassment. I'm not the only case, there are women who can't speak out."

"Either Mr. Murdoch is a liar or he's delusional and old and needs to get out," she stated. "If you're an investor, you need to decide, do you want your money with a man who has continued to lie to you for the past 20 years, your money, hundreds of millions of dollars of your money has gone to women over and over and over again. and we've been told that we have to shut up."

"I want to be on TV talking about the things that -- we want to talk about what we were paid to talk about on TV," Holder continued. "For me, it was law. I had a sports show. But I'm stuck here, talking about this, because there are people like Rupert Murdoch who continue to deny that we were abused, that we were -- our careers were destroyed, our lives were destroyed. And this is not political, this is people's lives."

A 21st Century Fox spokesperson told Raw Story: "Rupert never characterized the sexual harassment matters at FOX News as ‘nonsense.’ Rather, he responded negatively to the suggestion that sexual harassment issues were an obstacle to the Company’s bid for the rest of Sky. Under Rupert’s leadership and with his total support, the Company exited Roger Ailes, compensated numerous women who were mistreated; trained virtually all of its employees; exited its biggest star; and hired a new head of HR. By his actions, Rupert has made it abundantly clear that he understands that there were real problems at FOX News. Rupert values all of the hard-working colleagues at FOX News, and will continue to address these matters to ensure FOX News maintains its commitment to having a work environment based on the values of trust and respect."

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