WATCH: Fox guest jealously refuses to say Prince Harry’s name while whining about Obama
Charlie Hurt (Fox News)

A conservative columnist defended President Donald Trump's social media activity from the "obnoxious" criticism of his predecessor.

Columnist Charlie Hurt -- who wins a right-wing bingo as opinion editor of The Washington Times, Fox News contributor, Breitbart News contributor, Drudge Report editor and Newsmax TV guest -- complained President Barack Obama unfairly attacked Trump for using Twitter.

"This reminds me of how obnoxious President Obama can be," Hurt told Fox News' "Special Report." "He goes over to the BBC and talks to prince whatever his name is -- William -- whatever his title is."

Substitute host Mike Emanuel supplied Prince Harry's name, which Hurt still couldn't bring himself to utter, and instead replied with a dismissive "whatever."

"He does this interview where he's clearly attacking the president," Hurt continued, "and this notion that you're going to attack the president for using Twitter, is akin to me to attacking FDR for using the new-fangled radio for doing his fireside chats. It's just a form of communicating with people, and a way he can communicate with people around the media that viciously despises him."

Obama suggested to his royal friend that "all of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet," which surely was aimed at Trump -- who uses his Twitter account to personally attack the free press, political opponents and law enforcement.

"The arrogance of that!" Hurt complained. "It shows that he really doesn't understand the internet, he doesn't understand the beauty of the internet is that leadership has nothing to do with creating or recreating anything. This is just people with a thousand, a million connections -- they are people sort of interacting."

"The notion that he's going to sit back and say, 'Oh, well, people like me in leadership, I need to go in here and fix all of this,'" Hurt added. "No, you don't. You'll just mess it up."

The camera briefly caught Emanuel's look of mute contempt after Hurt finished his head-bobbing rant.