WATCH: Republican regent ignites massive protest at University of Oklahoma after equating homosexuality with pedophilia
University of Oklahoma Board of Regent member Kirk Humphreys (Photo: Screen capture via The Lost Ogle)

During a local political talkshow Sunday, former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys equated homosexuality to pedophilia.

“Is homosexuality right or wrong? It's not relative," he said. "There's a right and wrong, you just said it. So, it's either right or wrong and if it's OK then it's okay from everyone. Quite frankly it's okay for men to sleep with little boys if it's OK.”

At Tuesday's regularly scheduled Board of Regents meeting, Humphreys was met with scores of students protesting outside the building and demanding he be removed, News9 reported.

It isn't the first time Humphreys has made controversial comments during the local news show. In 2015, Humphreys said that Oklahoma City schools have gone downhill since a certain "gene pool" moved to the suburbs.

The students said that they refuse to let the behavior go unaddressed and are calling for swift action by the school. Some also were quick to note that it doesn't just impact the LGBT community at the school, but the entire university as a whole.

“Just because it's not a community you belong in, that doesn't mean it's not a community that you shouldn't stand up for,” said OU Freshman Faith Blank.

Humphreys attempted to excuse his comments by saying that he was simply standing up for his beliefs.

Monday, University of Oklahoma President David Boren explained in a statement that his hands are tied and he has no ability to fire Humphreys.

“Only he has that decision, he solely determines that,” Boren said.

Humphreys also holds a position on the board at John Rex Charter Elementary, News9 also reported. That's why Paula Lewis, chair of the Oklahoma City Public School Board, is also calling for Humphreys to be removed from the board of the private school. Lewis said the comments "have no place in the district and that we should hold leaders to a higher standard."

Republican Gov. Mary Fallin has also dismissed Humphreys comments as not worthy of being fired.

"Regent Humphreys has apologized, and it is time to move forward," Fallin said.

The time is an important one for the University of Oklahoma, as President Boren intends to retire and the board decides who his replacement will be and thus the direction the school will take.

You can find a few short clips from the rally below:

State Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Norman) appeared on the show with Humphreys and said that she was shocked by the comments. The comments from Humphreys came as part of a conversation about former Republican state Sen. Ralph Shortey, who plead guilty last week to child sex trafficking after being found in a motel with an underage boy.

You can watch Virgin's full comments below, via News9: