'Why all the lies?': Fox News' Shep Smith goes off on Trump administration after Flynn guilty plea
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith (Screen capture)

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith and the network's legal expert Andrew Napolitano agreed on Friday that Michael Flynn's guilty plea to charges that he lied to the FBI are an ominous sign for President Donald Trump and his administration.

"Michael Flynn admits now that a senior member of the Trump administration team told him to reach out to the Russians and he did so," Smith said.

He asked Napolitano about his comments on Friday that we could be headed into a constitutional crisis.

"Robert Mueller has enough credible evidence to charge the president of the United States with a crime," Napolitano said. "The constitutional crisis will come when he decides what to do. Does he indict the president -- which has never happened to a sitting president -- or does he merely transfer this evidence over to the House of Representatives which will then be under tremendous political pressure."

Napolitano explained that Flynn is only a puzzle piece in the body of evidence that Mueller is bringing to bear against the Trump administration.

Smith said that if what Flynn says is true, it brings up another impeachable offense for Trump in addition to obstruction of justice.

Trump has repeatedly insisted that the Russia investigation is a "witch hunt," that he never had any contact nor did he instruct his subordinates to have any contact with Russians. If what Flynn says is true, however, it opens a whole new area of legal exposure for the president, Napolitano said.

"The crux of all of this -- as we have discussed here repeatedly," Smith said, "is why all the lies? Why, now we know, why the lies from Flynn, why the lies from Manafort, why the lies from Papadopoulos, why lie after lie after lie after lie? What is motivating you to lie? It appears that is at the heart of whatever this is."

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