'You only regret being caught': Jake Tapper slams Breitbart after learning they're writing another 'hit piece' on him
CNN's Jake Tapper. Image via screengrab.

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday responded to a planned “hit piece” the far-right website Breitbart is reportedly planning to write on him.

Wednesday, Breitbart ran a lengthy article calling Tapper a “‘very fake news’ anchor” after he pointed out the publication’s historic support of Paul Ryan’s far-right opponent Paul Nehlen. Breitbart severed ties with Nehlen hours after Tapper tweeted about the candidate’s connection to the site.

In the piece, the website accused Tapper of peddling “fake news” and argued his description of Nehlen as a Breitbart “favorite” topped off a series of events that have “thrown the network into turmoil.”

Tapper hit back on Twitter, writing, “This is how you know Breitbart isn’t upset that the candidate they openly pushed is now more openly anti-Semitic and racist. Instead of contrition they attack and smear.”

As Tapper reports Friday, Breitbart is apparently trying too escalate this feud with Tapper, a move the CNN host described as “tiresome.”

“I’m told Breitbart is preparing another hit piece full of lies and nonsense presumably because I tweeted this quote of a Breitbart host on Dec 18 promoting and praising white supremacist Nehlen,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

 “The easy PR advice when you’re caught being too cozy with white supremacists/neo-Nazis is to apologize for the bad judgment and to vociferously attack the Nazi,” he continued. “Not to obfuscate and attack those who took issue with it.”

“Unless of course you only regret being caught,” he added.