Anderson Cooper brutally mocks White House for offering list of tweets as proof anchors sent 'letters' of praise to Trump
CNN's Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper on Wednesday shamed Donald Trump’s review of his own bipartisan immigration reform meeting, brutally fact-checking the president’s claim that anchors sent “letters” praising the hour-long “episode of ‘The Apprentice" on display at the White House yesterday.

“Tonight, the reviews are in,” Cooper began during a segment of “The Ridiculist.”

“Because really, what is a bipartisan immigration reform meeting other than an episode of ‘The Apprentice’—without the theme song or the commercials or Omarosa [Manigault] being herself, which is to say, odious,” the host continued.

“Yesterday, cameras were rolling for that meeting between lawmakers and the president,” Cooper explained. “The meeting in which the president showed his understanding of policy by agreeing with Democrats until the republicans reminded him he shouldn’t so he reversed himself and then, moments later, went back to agreeing with Democrats.”

Cooper then played a clip of Trump on Wednesday praising his own meeting. The president said his performance garnered excellent reviews, and insisted his command of the room prompted news anchors to send "letters" of congratulations to the White House.

“First of all, major kudos to the United States Postal Service for delivering those letters so fast, so fast it’s almost like it wouldn’t even be humanly possible,” Cooper joked. “Quick question though, who are these anchors who wrote letters congratulating the president on one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed—which is a highly believable, totally normal thing that would absolutely happen.”

“For the record, I didn't write a letter, everyone knows when I want to do something totally normal I send the president one of those big cookies with ‘congratulations on the meeting’ in icing, or one of those edible arrangements filled with cantaloupe which I personally think is a just a filler fruit,” Cooper said.

The host noted that his colleague, Jim Acosta, asked the White House to back up Trump’s claim about anchors sending letters, which led the White House to respond “with a list of two CNN videos and 19 tweets.”

“To be fair, this list does have words on it, and those words are actually made up of letters, but that's not generally accepted in reality to mean the same thing as, quote, letters of congratulation that anchors sent to the president,” Cooper said.

Watch below: