Bill Maher brutally pounds Trump for 'tighty-whitey' chasing a porn star right after his wife gave birth
HBO host Bill Maher -- screenshot

HBO host Bill Maher returned for his 16th season helming Real Time and immediately began getting caught up on the latest Donald Trump news - taking particular glee at Trump getting caught paying off a porn star to keep quiet about having an affair with him.

Addressing the revelation that Trump's personal lawyer funneled $130,000 to adult actress Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election, Maher explained, "You don't pay somebody that kind of money if there isn't something there."

"So in 2006, only months after Melania had given birth to their son, Donald Trump is schtupping this porn star who is also cheating on her boyfriend. And he knew because she used to come home with orange on her collar," the HBO host continued.

After listing off some of Daniel's adult films, Maher continued, "He didn't use protection! He said he'd only use a condom if Mexico paid for it. What the f*ck? You've got to love Donald Trump, he's the world's biggest germaphobe - won't shake hands. Rawdog with a pornstar? No problem."

"She said she chased her the room in his tighty-whities," Maher continued. "And when Trump heard tightey-whities, he said, 'What? You mean my voters?'"

Watch the video below via HBO: