‘Cash before Christ’: Bishop William Barber accuses Franklin Graham of being 'bought off' to defend Trump
MSNBC anchor Joy Reid and the Rev. Dr. William Barber.

The Rev. Dr. William Barber blasted Rev. William Franklin Graham III, the son of evangelical televangelist Billy Graham, for defending President Donald Trump's year in office. Barber admonished Graham to "stop lying" during an appearance on "AM Joy" with MSNBC anchor Joy Reid.

"What we see here is a mass coverup by so-called white evangelicalism that's more about, as I've said before, cash than Christ," Barber explained. "It's heavily funded, you see Franklin Graham saying we have a sin problem. We do. But it's not what they're talking about."

"We see 365 days of attacks on voting rights, that's sin, attacks on Muslims, that's sin, attacks on the LGBT community, that's sin, attacks on health care, attacks on living wages, giving the greedy and the wealthy tax breaks on the backs of the poor and the working poor," Barber said. "Wherever you look in the scripture, that's sin. Anyone who attempts to justify that is engaging in a modern day form of heresy."

"It's just wrong what he's saying. Actually, I would say to my brother Franklin Graham, he needs to stop lying, tell the truth and not being bought off or paid or whatever is causing him to misrepresent the faith like that."

"It is just wrong. It is just wrong," Barber repeated.