CNN's Chris Cuomo nails Sarah Sanders on Trump's immigration lies: He only wants you if you're 'rich and white'
Chris Cuomo interviews Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday nailed White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on President Donald Trump's views on immigration.

During a contentious interview on CNN's "New Day," Cuomo pressed Sanders about what the president's real goal is in ending America's family reunification immigration policy, which has been in place for decades.

In particular, Cuomo slammed Trump for falsely saying that this policy allows immigrants to bring over an unlimited number of relatives from their countries into the United States.

"The idea, what the president said last night, somebody can bring in as many people as they want," Cuomo said. "It's just not true. It's not true in the facts, not true in reality."

Sanders tried to defend Trump's policies by claiming that the president was only acting to protect the security of the American people. Cuomo, however, came right back at her with the president's own words.

"He wants people to come to the country but not those certain s-hole countries," he said, referring to Trump's declaration that we shouldn't be accepting immigrants from "shithole" African countries. "He wants them rich and white. That's not America."

Sanders tried to claim that Trump's proposed merit-based immigration system is "colorblind," but Cuomo said you can't divorce it from the ugly things Trump has said about immigrants in the past.

Watch the video below.