CNN's Van Jones hammers GOP attacks on FBI: 'Circus inside of a zoo next to a train wreck'
Van Jones appears on CNN (screen grab)

CNN's Van Jones called out Republicans for attacking the FBI while claiming they want to root out corruption within the law enforcement agency.

His conservative colleague Rick Santorum argued that corrupt FBI agents had brought down former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), but CNN's David Axelrod asked whether he'd voted to confirm Robert Mueller as FBI director.

"I think I voted for almost every Clinton appointment," Santorum said, although Mueller was appointed by George W. Bush. "I give the president great latitude in picking the people surrounding him in the Cabinet."

But Jones called out Santorum and GOP lawmakers attacking Mueller to defend Trump from the special counsel probe, and said those partisan shots were undermining the rule of law.

"If in fact the Republicans are saying is true, that there is malfeasance at the top, then you have to proceed in the way that protects the institution," Jone said. "What is happening is a circus inside of a zoo next to a train wreck, because you are trying to politicize this whole thing."