Even Donald Trump's kids give him 'side-eye' behind his back, says biographer
Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. -- Trump campaign

Author and journalist Michael D'Antonio told CNN on Saturday that even President Donald Trump's kids know that their father is grandiose and over-the-top and give "side-eye" at their father's exaggerations and "distant relationship" with the truth.

Anchor Ana Cabrera asked D'Antonio -- author of The Truth About Trump -- what he makes of Trump's angry tweets and press conference on Saturday in which the president defended his intellect and insisted that his mental capacities are undiminished.

"This is a new element of his defensiveness," D'Antonio said, "that has to be put into the context of a lifetime of defensiveness. This is a person who hits back almost before anyone has criticized him."

"The truth and the president have a very distant relationship," he continued. "Let's put it that way."

"He's had his children involved in his businesses for as long as they've been adults," said D'Antonio, then pointed to Michael Wolff's assertion that 100 percent of the people closest to Trump believe he's incapable of the job of being president.

"Even when I visited Trump Tower just about everyone at least gave me the side-eye," he said of his time working on The Truth About Trump.

"What are you talking about, that 'side-eye?'" Cabrera asked. "What was your takeaway that they were implying?"

"Well, even his children said to me directly that once they get the chance to run the company, they will do it differently," D'Antonio said. "It would be more conventional, less extreme in what they say and do."

"I think everyone realizes that he's an outsized personality," the author explained, "and that he goes too far sometimes."

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