Ex-Baltimore cop breaks down describing how police caused car crash and then refused to help victims
Former members of the Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force.

A former Baltimore Police Department detective broke down on the stand while testifying in the federal corruption trial against two former colleagues, WMAR reported Tuesday.

Jemell Rayam was asked about a car crash near the University of Maryland in 2016.

"There were so many crashes," Rayam said, who pleaded guilty in the investigation of the elite Gun Trace Task Force.

When he recalled the crash in question, he said it "was bad, it was real bad."

"It could have been any one of you guys. It could have been my mother," he testified.

Former detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor pleaded not guilty to federal firearms, robbery and extortion charges.

At least three additional officers are expected to testify against Hersl and Taylor during the trial.

After the 2016 crash near campus, Rayam testified that Sgt. Wayne Jenkins would not let him check on the passengers.

"I was being a follower. I should have called it in and I just didn't," Rayam said.

Hersl was caught on a taped phone call saying they could just file overtime slips saying they had clocked out before the crash.