NYT political analyst: 'Diminished' Trump is hiding from shutdown mess 'holed up in the White House'
MSNBC contributor Jeremy Peters (Screen capture)

On Saturday, New York Times political analyst Jeremy Peters said that President Trump is allowing himself and his office to be "diminished" in importance as the president spends the government shutdown crisis "holed up in the White House."

Peters said that the necessary parties are "not communicating" with each other and need to stop "shouting at each other from the Senate floor."

"Oddly, the president seems somewhat diminished throughout this entire process," said Peters. "He's somebody that holds himself up as a master negotiator, but he's been largely invisible. He hasn't made a statement, he hasn't appeared in public."

"He's been holed up in the White House as all of this unfolds on Capitol Hill," Peters said.

The New York Times said Sunday that Trump spent most of Saturday ignoring the crisis and watching old videos of himself trashing then-President Barack Obama during the 2013 shutdown.

The president is reportedly annoyed that he has been forced to miss a black tie fundraiser at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort and blames the shutdown mess for keeping him in Washington.

Watch the video, embedded below: