Ex-GOP Rep rips 'racist' Trump and his defenders: He's consistently 'expressed an ideology' where rich, white people are better
Former GOP Rep. David Jolly

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly on Friday tore into Donald Trump and his defenders, calling the president’s “sh*thole” remarks “racist” and arguing he’s consistently “expressed an ideology” where white people are valued more than people of color.

“Let's be honest, this is an embarrassing day to be a Republican,” Jolly told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. “And for rational Republicans, you should be angry today. I believe the president's comments, if they were made, were racist.”

“Even if you do not, if you are a defender of Donald Trump, here's the important thing,” Jolly continued. “We know our president, through word and deed over the past two years, has certainly expressed an ideology based upon a certain social hierarchy, a construct, where white people of European decent, particularly those of wealth, have a different place in society than poor people of color.”

Jolly explained what’s even more insidious than Trump’s rampant racism is the fact that “this is someone directing the policy of the United States” and “crafting legislation with the Hill that will effect millions of lives, particularly poor people of color.”

“As a Republican party, we went from a leader in Bush 43 who challenged, challenged the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations,’ to a president in Donald Trump who pedals the hard bigotry of no expectations for people of color,” Jolly declared.

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill told Baldwin Trump may be “fully aware of the hurt that he's causing and simply indifferent to the suffering of of other people,” adding he’s “consistently shown indifference and actual angst and actual anger and actual hatred toward people of color around the world.”

Lamont called the comments “entirely consistent with everything else he's done.”

Baldwin noted Trump’s outbursts seem to follow a pattern where the president “says something insane” and watch as Republican party leaders refuse to condemn his remarks.

“That is Donald Trump's GOP,” Jolly argued. “This is the hijacking he has done to the Republican party.”

“What Donald Trump is doing is using the office of the presidency to give permission for Americans to listen to the lesser angels among us,” he added. “No president has done that before.”

Lamont Hill then explained that Trump’s supporters, the people who voted for him, knew what they were signing up for.

“The truth is if you voted for Donald Trump you either voted for him because you agreed with the racist statements that he made consistently throughout the campaign, or you were indifferent to it,” Lamont Hill said.

“So either way you are complicit in the racism we’re seeing prevail right now,” he added.

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