Ex-US Attorney Bharara swats Christie for sticking his nose in Russia investigation: 'He doesn't know what Mueller knows'
Preet Bharara on CNN -- screeenshot

Speaking with CNN host Jake Tapper, Preet Bharara the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was fired by President Donald Trump, warned Gov. Chris Christie to stay out advising the president about the FBI's Russia investigation, and that he should know better as a former U.S. attorney himself.

"Earlier today after Chris Christie commented and said that he didn't think that President Trump should agree to talk to Robert Mueller in person, you called him out saying maybe he forgot about his days as u.s. attorney," host Tapper asked. "Explain that."

"Chris Christie was a U.S. attorney for a number of years in New Jersey like I was in the southern district of New York and he knows in an overt investigation where everyone who knows the participants are, who the people with knowledge are, as you get close to the edge, you interview the person at the top of the food chain."

"Sometimes it's to let that person tell his side of the story and sometimes it is to find out information from other people and sometimes it is to find out what that person may done," he continued. "Chris Christie himself, in addition to having been the U.S. attorney in New Jersey was at the center of what people called the Bridgegate scandal, and he himself was asked for an interview with the FBI and he sat down voluntarily even though he was the governor of the state. It would almost be malpractice not to request and not to receive a sit down the president of the United States given how many issues end at his desk and how many things he has knowledge of."

"So Christie's comments seem to be that there's no knowledge what President Trump may have done, that seemed to be his argument," Tapper replied. "Why should the president grant an interview when there aren't any charges against him?"

"In that same interview, Chris Christie who was governor and and is now a commentator, also said one thing he liked about being a U.S. attorney was that only he knew what he knew. So it seems odd on the one hand to say only Mueller knows what Mueller knows and, on the other hand, to sort of give blanket advice on whether there is evidence or not whether the president did anything wrong --- to say he shouldn't sit down for an interview."

"I think Christie knows nothing about what Mueller knows , just like you don't and I don't," Bharara told the CNN host. "If there is a request made, it seems standard to do it in the interest of finding the truth."

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