‘Get off the golf course and read a book’: Haitian-American attorney challenges Trump to get a clue
Midwin Charles (MSNBC)

A Haitian-American attorney said she was offended and outraged by President Donald Trump's "sh*thole" remarks -- and she challenged him to learn something about the countries he insulted.

Midwin Charles, founder of a law firm bearing her name and a political commentator, told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle that the president clearly had no knowledge of Haiti, where her parents were born.

"I would beseech him to go out and read a book, get off the golf course, visit Haiti, visit Africa, and read that book and understand how history works," Charles said. "A lot of people come to this country because their countries have been destabilized by American foreign policy, okay. In 1915, America occupied Haiti, all right, so I think it's incredibly important that the president of the United States understands the history of what it is that he's talking about."

Charles said Haiti had become the first free black country in the world after throwing off the French in 1804, and she said its people had overcome the legacy of colonial rule and natural disasters.

"They became a beacon for other Latin American countries, and the light for liberty and for democracy," Charles said. "So starting with that, and culminating to today, which happening to be an eight-year anniversary of an earthquake that decimated the country, so this idea that a group of people come from a country that is a sh*thole, and I'm going to say the word because it is the word that the president of these United States has used -- it's outrageous, it's degrading."