GOP strategist: 'Blue wave' of Democratic victories in 2018 will be like 'the tsunami from the movie Armageddon'
MSNBC's Steve Schmidt (Screengrab)

Republican strategist and director to John McCain's 2008 campaign Steve Schmidt said on Wednesday that Republicans should expect to get blasted by Democratic victories in 2018.

Revelations about President Donald Trump that appear in Michael Wolff's new book, Schmidt said, show that Trump has never been qualified to hold office and his reactions to the matter aren't helping his case.

"This book is just one more drop in the ocean of evidence that Donald Trump is unfit to sit in the Oval Office and serve as president of the United States," Schmidt said.

Trump's "attacks on the rule of law and on the American justice system" and the so-called "deep state," Schmidt said, are straight from "autocratic 101" in that he is feeding his supporters a conspiracy theory about the forces working against him, the one person who can save the country.

And Republicans in Congress, he said, are derelict in their duties by not reining in Trump's autocratic and dictatorial tendencies, which they'll pay a "heavy political price" for in November of 2018.

When asked about the potential for a "blue wave" of victories, Schmidt said he's expecting something bigger than that.

"I think there's going to be a wave election like the tsunami from the movie Armageddon' when the asteroid hit," said Schmidt, "one that hits the Pacific coast and doesn't stop until it nearly covers up the peaks of the Rocky Mountains."

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