Kellyanne Conway attempts damage control with African diplomats -- but leaves them bewildered
Kellyanne Conway (MSNBC)

Kellyanne Conway attempted damage control in a hastily thrown-together meeting with African ambassadors after President Donald Trump slurred their countries as "sh*tholes" -- but it didn't go well.

The White House adviser met privately with the diplomats in Washington -- but Conway did not discuss Africa, reported Foreign Policy.

Conway instead previewed the State of the Union address and focused on Trump's achievements in his first year in office, diplomatic sources said.

Some participants were confused because Conway said almost nothing of the president's priorities for Africa, but one ambassador told the magazine the meeting was positive because a member of Trump's inner circle had "actually met" with the diplomats.

Trump sent a letter days earlier to the African Union affirming the United States "profoundly respects" its relationship with member states and people across the African continent.

The president also met with his Rwandan counterpart and incoming AU Chairman Paul Kagame last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.