Kellyanne Conway was yanked off cable news after Ivanka Trump grew tired of her 'idiotic militancy'
Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

In the early days of the Trump administration, Kellyanne Conway was a ubiquitous presence on cable news shows.

However, in the wake of several high-profile gaffes, Conway's TV appearances were dramatically cut back -- so much so that "Saturday Night Live" even devoted an entire sketch to asking of Conway's whereabouts.

According to journalist Michael Wolff, it seems that White House staff members wanted Conway yanked off the air because they thought her strident and angry defenses of every single Trump action made the entire White House look ridiculous.

"Others in the White House... however much the president enjoyed her, found her militancy idiotic," writes Wolff in The Hollywood Reporter. "Even Ivanka and Jared regarded Conway's fulsome defenses as cringeworthy."

Among other things, Conway infamously used the term "alternative facts" to describe the White House's approach to disseminating information, while also concocting a completely fictional terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky to justify the president's ban on travel from multiple Muslim-majority countries.