Listen: Florida woman calls 911 after 19-month-old girl overdoses on drugs for second time in three months
Jeanette Homan -- Palm Beach Sheriff's DEpartment

Police in North Palm Beach have taken a woman in to custody after she called 911 to ask for a no-contact order against a former friend before finally admitting that a child in her care was overdosing on pills she left sitting around, reports the Palm Beach Post.

According to police, this was the second time in three months that they had to go to the home of Janette Homan, 43, because the same little girl ingested drugs.

In an audio tape released by the North Palm Beach Police Department, Homan spent a minute complaining about the man who reportedly took her car before mentioning the toddler.

“I don’t know how much she got but she’s, like, nodding out and stuff, so apparently she got some of it,” Homan explained, as another child could be heard in the background saying, “I’m trying to wake her up.”

During the conversation with the 911 dispatcher, Homan repeatedly wanted to talk about her missing car, while the operator forcefully tried to get the woman to pay attention to a poison control expert who was attempting to get information on the child.

“Listen to him. Listen to him. Everything else isn’t important right now,” the dispatcher said.

According to the sheriff's report, the unidentified girl was overdosing on narcotic pain-reliever buprenorphin, and required multiple doses of Narcan to be revived before being rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center’s neonatal-intensive care unit in West Beach.

Police state that the same little girl overdosed in October after ingesting two 1-milligram clonazepam pills, a sedative, and was finally taken to the hospital by Homan three hours later after she noticed the child couldn't walk.

Homan is currently being held in Palm Beach County Jail on multiple child-neglect charges, as well as perjury charges for lying to investigators on how the child got the drugs.

You can listen to the audio below: