BUSTED: Maine town manager and former Trump campaign chair called Islam 'the scourge of Western civilization'
Jackman, Maine town manager Tom Kawczyski (Facebook)

The town manager of Jackman, Maine has been exposed for "shockingly racist" views, the Bangor Daily News reported Friday.

Tom Kawcynski, 37, is the founder of the group New Albion, which believes Islam is "the scourge of Western civilization" and supports "voluntary" racial segregation.

Albion is an ancient Greek word for Britain.

“I would say unequivocally that I see Islam as fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization,” Healy stated, while denying he is racist.

“Wow,” American Civil Liberties Union of Maine spokesperson Rachel Healy charged. “That’s shockingly racist.”

Kawczynski started his job in June, after moving from New Hampshire, where he had served as the Lisbon town chair for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

During "multiple interviews" during the hiring process, Kawczynski said his racial views never came up. Kawczynski beat out 13 other applicants for the job of town manager.

Kawczynski is an active user on the alternative social media site Gab, which Salon labeled "Twitter for racists" and which The Guardian described as "the hate-filled echo chamber of racism and conspiracy theories."

"I also have a two phase solution for #Dreamers," Kawcynski recently posted. "1) Round them up. 2) Send them back."

Kawczynski admitted a "natural overlap" between his leadership of New Albion and his public service for the town of Jackman.

“It is something that I am trying to integrate in the sense that I’m trying to develop our community,” he said. “But I do not make that relationship explicit.”

Kawczynski even created a flag for his New Albion organization.

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Three Jackman selectmen did not return the Bangor Daily News requests for comment.

“The hiring process included the Board as well as six citizens who went to great lengths in reviewing each application,” Jackman said in a press release praising Kawcynski's hiring.

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