Millions of Americans are going to see this video that destroys Trump's tax lies -- in just 30 seconds
President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

Millions of Americans will see an ad "starring" President Donald Trump telling the truth about his new law that hands out tax cuts for the wealthy. The ad is expected to run during coverage of Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night. The progressive group Not One Penny produced a 30-second spot made from clips of Donald Trump talking about, well, anything, to produce a script that supposedly sounds like what Trump would say if he were telling the truth about his tax cuts.

It's hilarious – unlike the Trump tax law that favors the wealthiest Americans and corporations over those who are struggling and need the most help.

Axios reports the ad is part of "a $10 million 'Repeal the Trump Tax' campaign" from Not One Penny which is a project of Tax March, another progressive group working to "repeal the TrumpTax."