'I am not a trainwreck': CNN guest defends herself in Twitter rampage after bizarre on-air outburst
Attorney Elizabeth Beck on CNN (Screen capture)

"What just happened on CNN?" was a question many viewers asked themselves on Friday when Miami attorney Elizabeth Beck blurted out an unusual question on the air.

"Why are you subjecting me to this?" Beck demanded as former U.S. Office of Ethics and Government head Walter Shaub spoke about the series of events around President Donald Trump's alleged attempt to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in June.

Shaub -- who was in the midst of discussing Trump's firing of acting Deputy Attorney Gen. Sally Yates -- broke off and said, "Sorry, I just heard a voice in my ear."

"Sorry?" said anchor Brooke Baldwin. "Elizabeth was that you?"

But by then, Beck -- who was appearing via satellite feed from Miami -- had disappeared and the conversation moved on.

On Twitter, Beck -- a co-founder of "progressive super PAC" JamPAC who has called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed -- said she was the victim of incompetent producers.

Watch the video, embedded below: