Racist Georgia couple goes berserk on gas station clerk because they thought he ogled woman
Lexie Muffett and Michael Tippins (Facebook)

A Georgia couple attacked a gas station clerk and used racial slurs because they thought the attendant had looked admiringly at the woman.

Michael Tippins accused the attendant of ogling his girlfriend, Lexie Muffett, as they paid for their items Tuesday night at a Rome gas station, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tippins and Muffett, who are both 19 years old, went behind the counter to confront the clerk, police said.

The clerk asked them to leave, but police said Muffett threw some items from the front counter at him.

The employee retaliated by throwing items back at them, police said, and then Tippins attacked the other man.

Muffett broke up the fight but then began punching the clerk, according to police.

Both Tippins and Muffett used racial slurs as they beat the gas station employee, investigators said.

“It’s a completely ridiculous situation,” said investigator Corey Bowers, of Rome police.

Police identified the couple within hours after posting about the incident on the department's Facebook page.

Tippins and Muffett turned themselves in Wednesday afternoon, and they have been charged with face battery, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct charges.