Rand Paul tells CNN that he was 'in hell' but media had 'a lack of concern for me' after attack
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appears on 'Hannity' on Aug. 26, 2015. [Fox News]

After Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was attacked by a neighbor while mowing his yard, pundits immediately wondered why and what happened. Speculation turned to politics until it was revealed that the two had typical neighborhood arguments that may have escalated. But Paul is disturbed people are more focused on motive than they are on him.

In a Wednesday interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Paul complained that he was "in hell" with "life-threatening injuries" and people only cared about the reasons that caused it.

"It actually wasn't an altercation. I was attacked from behind, unaware, never saw my assailant," Paul said as if he was justifying why he was injured in the incident. He emphasized he had hearing protection on and "never saw it coming."

Paul sustained multiple injuries including broken ribs that created fluid around his lungs and prompted two bouts of pneumonia that caused, "pain, excruciating pain for several weeks -- really for more than a month."

Blitzer asked about the motive the neighbor had but Paul said he didn't know.

"You know, I think no one could ever ever know someone's motives, whether it was political or personal," Paul said. "And I guess to my mind, I guess there's been a little too much emphasis from the media and too much concern over motive and lack of concern over me, to tell you the truth."

Blitzer cut in to convey his sympathies and attempt to illustrate his concerns.

"That's my point. If someone is raped, pillaged, mugged it should be about punishment and the person who did this needs to be punished," Paul continued. "There's no justification for attacking someone from behind, breaking their ribs and really causing life-threatening injuries."

He went on to say that he still "has pain everyday, all day" but that he use to have "the pain of one thousand knives for about six weeks." He said that he could barely move and barely breathe and couldn't sleep.

It's unclear if Paul will be suing his neighbor. However, the neighbor did plead not guilty to assault charges.

Watch the full conversation below: