Republican lawmaker wants to carve up Nebraska so corporations can run their own tiny tax-free 'states'
Nebraska State Senator Paul Schumacher (R). Image via Nebraska Legislature.

A Republican state legislator in Nebraska has proposed an amendment to the state's constitution that would allow for a 36-square mile plot of land where corporations can have their own tax-free "states."

As Boing Boing reported, State Senator Paul Schumacher proposed the land would likely be in rural parts of the state, would give companies up to 99 years of "sovereignty," and would allow them to have "no city or state taxes and no local or state regulations."

"We're talking about Nebraska's future," Schumacher told the Lincoln Journal Star. He even admitted the amendment would allow corporations to "have [their] own state," and "economic opportunity" that has never been done before.

"If I were a major business," the legislator said. "I would not want Omaha or Lincoln or Des Moines (Iowa) telling me what to do."