Rising GOP star abruptly quits Republican party over Trump's 'appalling comments' about immigrants
President Donald Trump during a press conference in Trump Tower (Screenshot)

Kyle McDaniel, a young rising GOP star from Viginia, abruptly quit the Republican party on Tuesday citing Donald Trump’s “appalling comments” about Haitian immigrants coming to the United States, the Washington Post reports.

McDaniel, a 28-year-old former top aide to Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity, has grown increasingly disillusioned by the nativist undertones of his former political party, as well as the rhetoric coming from party leaders--including the President of the United States.

Tuesday, McDaniel penned a letter to state party chairman John Whitbeck claiming he “could no longer stomach” some of the recent events that have transpired, including Trump's now-infamous “sh*thole” comments and and his sluggish disavowal of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I have, on more occasions than I care to recall, been forced to ‘bite my tongue’ when in conversation with other party leaders about the issues of the day,” McDaniel wrote to Whitbeck. “I cannot in good faith continue to do that.”

As the Post reports, McDaniel and his wife Katie have previously travelled to Haiti to assist in relief work, and even thought about adopting a child from the Caribbean country.

“I’m totally out,” McDaniel told the Post. “I’ll support candidates I agree with, but as far as any party affiliation, I’m out. I’m independent.”

In a statement, Virginia party chairman Whitebeck accused his former ally of parroting anti-Trump taking points.

“We wish Mr. McDaniel the best in his future endeavors but he owes every member of his party an apology for repeating the Democrat talking points that Republicans are a bunch of racists,” Whitbeck said.