'The shutdown is actually underway anyway -- all the time': Real Time panel calls out Trump's slow destruction of the government
Bill Maher Panel Rick Wilson, Michelle Goldberg, Ro Khanna (Photo: RealTime Twitter)

President Donald Trump is already trying to shutdown the government all day -- everyday, according to "Real Time" host Bill Maher.

During a panel discussion, Maher noted that the Trump administration hasn't been able to fill over 600 "vital jobs" in the executive branch since taking office. The State Department has been cut by 8 percent and career diplomats are being demoted to the level of interns to humiliate them and get them to quit. Four top jobs in the Veterans Administration are still unfilled.

"The government shutdown is actually underway anyway -- all the time, since Trump took office," Maher said.

When it comes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, designed to help speak out for Americans so they don't get scammed or taken advantage of by big banks, the administration asked for zero dollars.

"And an echo-terrorist is head of the EPA," Maher said about Scott Pruitt. "This is a government shutdown in motion."

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) noted that it isn't the Republicans or the Democrats who are opposing the vote on the DREAMers and shutting down the government, it's Speaker Paul Ryan.

Watch the full discussion below: